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Top 10 Features to Enhance Your Site

Looking to boost your sites sales and conversion? This list with give you the top 10 features you need to supercharge your store and help increase your sales. 1. Live Chat – One of the issues people have with shopping online is how difficult it can be to get someone to help you make your purchase. This means someone available to help troubleshoot technical issues with the site (interfacing with your web team to make them aware of issues on the site when they are reported so they can be fixed quickly) as well as being able to assist customers with providing extra detail and advice regarding your products. In all cases, we recommend having a phone number prominently displayed on your site for customers to call into, but live chat is something that can also be critical to enhancing the customer experience right on your website. It can be much more convenient for a customer to initiate a live chat rather than grab their phone and call you. We usually recommend Zopim Live Chat for most of our customers wanting to implement this on their site. 2. Product Zoom – We spoke about product photography in one of our previous posts about how to boost sales. Couple good product photos with an advanced image zoom to help your customers get a better view of your products. Offering a good product zoom will let your customers get a closer look at the details of your products as if they were in the store making them more comfortable and likely to buy. We recommend our Product Zoom Pro Extension. 3. Advanced Layered Navigation – Layered Navigation is a powerful tool to help customers quickly sort through your products and find exactly what they are looking for based on their criteria for that product. Out of the box, your Magento store comes with layered navigation, but it can leave something to be desired. The current system makes is a bit slow requiring a page load each time a filter is selected. An advanced layered navigation extension will add AJAX to this feature allowing for quick product filtering without page reloads. This is a much better user experience and your customers will thank you by buying from your site. We recommend the Aheadworks Layered Navigation Extension. 4. Abandoned Cart Follow Up – The worst thing a store owner can see is that they are getting traffic to their site, but customers are abandoning their carts. This is even worse when they are paying for traffic through a PPC campaign. Hedge your bets by implementing an Abandoned Cart Follow Up extension for your site. This will send an email to customers who abandon their cart with items in it reminding them that they left your site without purchasing. This can do wonders to increase your sales. Additionally you can add a financial incentive to customers by including a coupon code in the email offering a discount if they complete their order. A lot of our customers use our Abandoned Cart Follow Up Emails Extension. 5. AJAX Add to Cart – This is a feature that will definitely enhance your site and help you sell more. Typically, adding a product to cart will direct the customer to the cart page. This isn’t bad, but you don’t want your customer to buy only one product from you. Implementing an AJAX add to cart extension will allow your customers to add a product to the cart without being taken away from the category or product page they are on. This means they’ll still see the other products in that category or the related products on the product page. If you were operating a physical store, you wouldn’t direct your customer to the cashier as soon as they pulled something off the shelf, you want them to walk through your entire store before going to checkout. AJAX add to cart will help you do this on your website. We usually use the Aheadworks AJAX Cart Pro Extension. 6. One Step Checkout – A good rule of thumb with ecommerce is to make it as easy for a customer to purchase on your site. One way you can do this is by simplifying the checkout process. The standard One Page Checkout in Magento is fairly straight forward, but the multiple steps could negatively affect conversion. It’s fairly common to implement a One Step Checkout extension, which puts all of the information required for checkout on the same page/form simplifying the process for your customers. There are quite a few options out there, but one of the most popular is onestepcheckout.com. 7. Request a Review – Another thing that can help boost your sales is product reviews. Customers want to know that other people have purchased the product they are viewing and know what other people think of it. That said, as much as customers want to see reviews, they usually forget to leave them. Give them a friendly reminder with an automated email after their purchase. The email will thank them for their purchase, show them what they purchased and provide a link to leave a review. We use the Redstage Request a Review Extension with a lot of our customers. 8. RMA – Something that can help enhance your customers experience is an easy and intuitive return process for your website. We take for granted how easy it is to return products that we purchase in the store, and it’s important to make the online return process as easy as possible. If you are running Magento Enterprise, there is a pretty robust RMA system built in there which allows customers to initiate an RMA from their account section. If you are using Magento Community, you can add an extension like the Aheadworks RMA. 9. Product Feed – An important part of running a successful website is being able to get customers to the site to purchase. This means having a good SEO and PPC strategy. However, you can add to your advertising efforts by uploading product feeds to shopping comparison sites like Google Products and Overstock.com. You can do this manually by exporting your catalog and spending hours massaging the data into the correct format, or you can get a leg up on your competition and implement an extension to help automate this. We like the GoMage Feed Pro extension. In addition to the extension, you can pay for GoMage to go in and set up the feed for you. 10. Call for Price – Some sites have products for which they don’t want to advertise the price online or where the price varies based on certain details that the customer needs to provide or even products that just aren’t available yet. For these cases, and good Call for Price extension is essential. This will allow you to advertise a product in your catalog and let customers find out more information without being able to purchase the product right away. You can create a custom message directing the customer to a contact form or to call you to discuss the product so you can make the sale. We use our Call for Price Extension quite often for our clients. Bonus Tip: Points and Rewards – Implementing a buyer loyalty program can do a lot to increase return purchasing as well as word of mouth advertising. Reward your customers for spending money on your site or helping promote the site by inviting their friends. If you are using Magento Enterprise, there is a points and rewards system built in. Otherwise, you can use a system like Sweet Tooth to build a customer loyalty program that makes your customers (and their friends) come back for more! These aren’t the only options for extensions that will add these features to your site, but rather the ones that we most commonly use. Take some time to research your options and select the extension which offers the functionality you want within your budget. Want some more helping enhancing your site? 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